dr mantis tobogan (mantis_tobogan) wrote in apt103,
dr mantis tobogan

well... it's not the power suply

i popped the system open to take a look at things. i noticed the power suply was 150w. that's toally not sufficient to run an Athlon XP processor. that's probably why we were losing clock cycles and the system clock would end up behind.

anyway, i went out and bought a new 300w power suply. i got it home and went to install it. due to the fact that they only sell power suplies that go in tower cases at microcenter, i needed to make modifications to it. first, i needed to attach an ATX connector with longer cables... then i needed to redo the AC-in to support the power suply being in front while the AC jack was in back. soldering and unsoldering the cable took forever, but i got it done. i got the whole thing put together... and the system still wouldn't come on.

i tested the power suply in a different system and tested the system with a different power suply (in case i'd shorted something). no dice. power suply good... something else bad. i went through and started pulling out other components. looks like it's either the motherboard or the processor. there are scorch marks (or corrosion) at the ends of a few of the CPU pins. certainly not a good sign. i need to figure out if i should get some krazy kenny shit to get this bad boy running again... or order a new mobo/proc/memory online... or get a netra off of ebay. i've determined that rockstar, with it's 300mHz processor is not going to be a replacement for junkie. maybe, if i buy a new cpu/mobo, i'll get one that is 1U so that it can fit in rockstar's case.

anyway... that's the skinny. server certainly won't be up tonight. maybe not even tomorrow.

hey... and i took pictures of the power suply rebuild. they're here.
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