dr mantis tobogan (mantis_tobogan) wrote in apt103,
dr mantis tobogan

apache fun

went through and cleaned out a lot of stale VirtHost/dns/host entries.
moved some stuff from /var/www/htdocs into user's public_html dirs since apache no longer serviced them.
added central logiing facility to all VirtHosts, except ones with undefined
started log rotation on error_log and access_log in /var/log/apache

i'm going to start monitoring the statistics coming out of apache. this is the best i can do to track down where all of our usage is coming from. i think it may be from a proliferation of mp3 search engines. it's not that i mind usage, but i didn't give anyone the okay to start sucking up 300k/month avg of bandwidth. if everyone were to just start using that, this damned thing would cost a thousand dollars a month. on that note, i also shelled out $300 against the past due amount for our bill. i now only have $857.11 outstanding.
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