dr mantis tobogan (mantis_tobogan) wrote in apt103,
dr mantis tobogan

more headway... or less

today was busy at work so i didn't get to devote as much time to the system as i would have liked. i still spent all evening working on it.

i've got it up and on the internet. dns will be the first app back up. i'm going to try to get mail spooling again before the end of tomorrow. we'll see how that goes.

i want to replace the bootloader. it'd be nice if i could dual-boot this thing to get to the slackware environment... or something just so that i can try and fsck that disk some more. it'd be nice to be able to get to a point we could pull the good data off the disk. i don't know what road is going to lead there, though.

putting the thing back on the net was a pain in the ass. i wanted to make sure i had every unnecessary/unknown service shut off before i turned in. solaris has totally changed their inetd and boot sequences. christ on a cracker. anyway, methodically checking lsof, i was able to determine that only statd, lockd, named, sshd and dhcpagent are running. i'd like to turn those nfs daemons off, but i'm not sure how. that'll be a project for tomorrow.

at this point, i'm kinda looking forward to having some time to sit and read the solaris 10 admin manuals. maybe, after this is all over, i'll get re-certified.

ryan, i haven't created your account yet. i'll get to it when i feel there's enough room in the kitchen for an extra cook.
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